[PHOTOS] Screencaps of Fiece 2NE1 (Sans Bom) at SBS Gayo Daejun 2014


Dara’s Speech for SBS Gayo Daejun 2014 TOP 10

“First, thank you for this great award. For the people who continue to listen and cheer for our music… We will continue to work hard to give you great music in 2015 (as well).”

Translated by @KJOP21

B5YY_OzCcAAvc29 B5YY_OzCYAEm-_q B5YY_SOCIAAwfxu B5YY_SPCUAEqqNv B5YZL2LCUAAO4qd B5YZL2qCYAI7_Bp B5YZm4MCAAAdgfH bandicam 2014-12-21 22-08-46-469 bandicam 2014-12-21 22-08-50-167 bandicam 2014-12-21 22-09-06-235 bandicam 2014-12-21 22-09-12-361 bandicam 2014-12-21 22-09-40-428 bandicam 2014-12-21 22-11-14-110 bandicam 2014-12-21 22-11-14-880 bandicam 2014-12-21 22-11-15-316 bandicam 2014-12-21 22-11-20-357 bandicam 2014-12-21 22-11-20-965B5YpUg3CUAEgx9cB5YpXGACQAEGjbtB5YpXYmCAAE9C_dB5YqN7ZCAAEEKUAB5YqNebCAAE0aD_B5YqNzYCMAALGgC

Credits: @tzen0505 + @KJOP21 + @ilovegd21 + @chaerinS2 + @donnyroyalty + @ForeverWithDara

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