[ARTICLES] Social Media Networks Talks About Steven Yeun and Sandara Park’s “What’s Eating Steven Yeun”

Steven Yeun alongside 2NE1′s Sandara Park in new online comedy series

Korean American actor Steven Yeun, best known for his role in “The Walking Dead” plays himself in a new online comedy miniseries titled ”What’s Eating Steven Yeun” alongside 2NE1′s Sandara Park.

The premise of the debut episode revolves around Yeun wanting to make a name for himself in South Korea to make his parents proud, but finds out from his new manager that he has to start as a “Mokbang” — also known as “broadcast eating” — host.

South Korea’s Be FUNNY Studios is behind the production, further cementing its reputation for bringing Hollywood and South Korean actors together.

Watch the video here at Be FUNNY Studios site.

Credits: koreantimesus.com

‘What’s Eating Steven Yeun’ with Sandara Park is the best thing both will ever do

What’s Eating Steven Yeun‘ is a web series that chronicles Steven Yeun‘s quest to become a mokbang (the eating broadcast dudes) star in Korea. Yes, really. It also stars 2NE1‘s Sandara Park and actors Park Hyuk Kwon and Park Young Kwang.

It it the greatest thing any of them will ever do.

They don’t let you embed though, so you have to go watch them on the site: Episode 1,Episode 2, Episode 3.

Oh, I guess this could be interesting.

30 minutes later I had watched all three episodes, because it was so much better than I ever anticipated.

The netizen comments, though

Sandara is … good at comedy, actually.

Ken Jeong? You said it was a boy genius, that dude’s like 45.

Americans can’t tell the difference.

Then him and the assistant break into the Matthew McConaugheyWolf Of Wall Street‘ chest beating shit.

Fan death suicide attempt? Fan death suicide attempt.

Steven Yeun and gwiyomi were two things I didn’t think I would ever see together.


Maybe I should’ve expected better though, since this was a Be Funny Studios effort, which is a collab between Creative Artists Agency, Funny Or Die, and Prain Global.

Either way, I need moar.

Credits: asianjunkie

Be FUNNY STUDIOS Releases Hilarious Mini-Series with Steven Yeun and Sandara Park

Be FUNNY STUDIOS has released the first three episodes of a comedy mini-series starring Walking Dead’s Steven Yeun and Sandara Park of 2NE1. This newly launched site works in conjunction with FUNNY or DIE, the Creative Artists Agency(CAA), and Korean public relation firm, Prain to bring together talent from around the world and display them on the international stage.

The plot of the mini series, “What’s Eating Steven Yeun, follows Yeun as he makes the journey from Hollywood star to trying to make it big in Seoul, Korea. This union of Hollywood and Hallyu is a symbol of the power of Korean media and the impact it’s made worldwide. Yeun and Park are awesome together and blend of English and Korean(with more subtitle options) gives fans in Korea and around the world something to enjoy together translated straight from it’s source.

Be FUNNY STUDIOS also contains plenty of other great material combining the star-power of Korea and Hollywood. We at Seoulsync look forward to finishing this mini-series and seeing what other A-list talent they manage to pair together. It’s a good time to be a fan! So check below for some serious laughs!

Keep up to date by checking out Be FUNNY STUDIOS Facebook page and follow them on Twitter.

Credits: seoulsync

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