[VIDEO+TRANS] MYX Philippines: VJ Robi Meets Up With Dara in Korea! ~ “Meeting 2NE1’s finest Sandara Park”


“I’ve been to Korea twice already prior to this ‘MYX WER U AT’ promo, and I thought I’ve experienced Korea already.

MYX Wer U At Korea was so much better for me, cause number one I’ve learned a lot of facts, I went to a lot of different places that I’ve never been to although I’ve been to Nami Island but there is still a lot of secret places that the tour guide showed us, and ~ the highlight of my trip was meeting 2NE1’s finest Sandara Park, the first I saw Sandara Park and actually meeting her was actually when I interviewed her for PBB (Pinoy Big Brother) then at that time, I don’t know something took over me that I forgot all the crushes I had before, and it just became Sandara Park, I was so giddy

And when we’re (the crew) going to Korea, I was not hoping that much, because I might just get hurt
while we were doing our itenirary, going around the streets of Myeongdong, Hongdae, Nami Island and stuff
then on the last day, She confirmed that she’s free, she said “Ok, I’m free on Saturday, so let’s meet up”

I had the time of my life, at Itaewon she took me there and had lunch, and she just blurt it out about 2NE1, YG Entertainment, her life in Korea, and how she misses The Philippines. After that one, I gave her something from the Philippines and she gave me this cap together with a shirt, to look cool. “Sand Lover” and I just love how she wears this one (beanie) here, let me wear it, how she wears this one and put a scowl face which turns out to be the cutest face in the world

Am I not cute?

Can’t you see?

But when we arrived there (at the location) and when she came out, I just need to say this, “Sandara is just the simplest girl” if she is with her friends, she’ll look out for them”

When we came out going to the restaurant, the people were just looking out, and when she passed already, they will burst out so loud like “Woah! Sandara Park! Woah! Sandara Park!” and it’s very amusing.

So guys, be sure to wait for my Korea Adventure at Pop! MYX K-Pop Edition, Take 5 and MYX Wer U At Goes to Korea”

Credits: MYX Philippines
Translated by tryshingggg@foreverwithdara


1 thought on “[VIDEO+TRANS] MYX Philippines: VJ Robi Meets Up With Dara in Korea! ~ “Meeting 2NE1’s finest Sandara Park”

  1. tsuKOnaKO

    Robi is so funny. I’m glad you spent some time with Sandara 🙂
    Dara is so sweet and humble (+ super beautiful *.*)
    I hope I can watch atleast Wer U At…Hwaitinggg ^^_
    ❤ ❤ ❤


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