[INSTAGRAM] Jo Kwon of 2AM Shares a Photo with Dara, Marshall Bang and Lydia

Dara watched the musical called ‘Priscilla’ with Marshall Bang and Lydia Paek.
Jo Kwon is one of the main cast in the said musical ^_^ Looks like Dara unnie is enjoying her free time ^_^
2NE1’s next schedule is in Thailand for Tofu Music Festival ~

Caption: “#priscilla#프리실라#musical#뮤지컬 오늘 공연 보러와준 산다라박 누나 ! 리디아! 마샬형 Thank You!!!@marshallbang @thelyddz

Rough Translation: “#Priscilla #musical With Sandara Park-noona, who came to see the show today! Lydia! Marshall-hyung! Thank you!!! @marshallbang @thelyddz”

Translated by BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Jo Kwon Instagram Update 140819 Lydia Dara Marshall Bang

Dara and Jo Kwon is following each other on Instagram ❤

Dara Following Jo Kwon

Jo Kwon Following Dara

Caps by: @donnyroyalty and @msdeathstalker

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