[TWITTER] Dara and Luis Manzano’s Cute and Quirky Conversation ~ “Teach me Korean”

Luis: “@krungy21: 잘한다잘한다잘한다!!! 오늘 데뷔 무대 너무 잘했다~ 축하해!!! #winner #공허해 #컬러링 http://instagram.com/p/rzHu1_iSyU/ ”- Your grammar is wrong again, haaay naku (A/N: haay naku is like aigoo)

Dara: “Sorry Kuya (Older Brother) ~ I probably forgot how to (speak) Korean. It’s always been Tagalog what I’m using. Teach me Korean”

Luis: “If I have time (I’ll teach you), you didn’t even tell me that you’d go here, we only talked when you were here already! Fosbeoxbeosnakdbxaone”

Translated by tryshingggg@ForeverWithDara

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