[PHOTOS] 140815 Fantaken Photos of 2NE1 at AIA YG Family Power Tour 2014 Concert in Seoul (Part 2)

Official Photos – HERE | Part 1 – HERE

7a23a96djw1ejdmvgemh3j20hs0hs78o 9cad5845jw1eje5z5rd9ij20p90p34ib 9cad5845jw1eje5zbgbzlj20ow0os4kq 9cad5845jw1eje5zgafemj20pb0nwwro 8842a39ajw1ejdpcl709oj20hs0h9dhw 1408159149888_IMG_9354 1408159154653_IMG_9426 1408161984811 IMG_9543 IMG_9549 IMG_9554 IMG_9555 IMG_9556 IMG_9557

Credits: 韩都衣舍2NE1粉丝团@weibo + glory_kook@NaverBlog + bananan0309@NaverBlog + myfellow@NaverBlog + xxxVICTORIAxxx@weibo +  +As Tagged

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