[ARTICLE] Pitchfork’s 20 Essential K-Pop Songs


2NE1: “그리워해요 (Missing You)”

Featuring CL, K-pop’s most beloved star in the West, this girl group recently released Crush, among the first full-lengths a K-pop neophyte should try. But “Missing You”, a standalone single cut from the album’s extensive sessions, is not to be missed either. Beating Lana del Rey’s “West Coast” to the punch by half a year (and without that song’s cop-out radio mix), “Missing You” is the rare band-format single that actually slows downs for the chorus. The song begins with a tense, guitar-based verse glossed in the kind of production glitz that forecasts dancefloor absolution around the bend. But instead, the tempo drops from 130 to a loose half time, all acoustic guitar, grand piano, vocal harmony, and falsetto melisma. Most remarkable, however, is the song’s whole-step modulation before an extended outro that introduces entirely new chord progressions, melodies, and lyrics. “Missing You” is one of the most vocally rich and structurally distinctive singles Korea’s ever produced, a strength 2NE1’s younger brother group Winner emphasized in their equally beautiful live cover.

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Credits: Pitchfork.com

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