[HQ/HD SCANS] Fierce and Stylish 2NE1 on Yoho Magazine, May issue 2014

Yoho Magazine Yoho Magazine Yoho Magazine


Q1: Is this your first time in China? What is your impression?
Ans: No, the last time we were here, we did not have much good feelings. But now, we’re here for ALL OR NOTHING concert and the fans here passionately welcomed us at the airport. So it felt great, we look forward to the concert tomorrow.

Q2: What is the theme of your outfit today?
Ans: We are wearing the latest collection of Adidas Originals. We’re very interested in the flower patterns as it is very fashionable. It is simple but not dull. We feel that we can wear this outfits on streets or on stage.

Q3: As the spokesperson for Adidas korea, what do you think is the concept of Adidas Originals?
Ans: Adidas Originals believe in originality. Every new season, they come up with original designs. This is similar to 2NE1, the ‘NE’ in 2NE1 means NEW EVOLUTION. We hope everyone has the same mindset as us; to be original and new.

Q4:How do you think of Adidas Original women?
Ans: It is vintage. People who wears them are cheerful, like how Sandara wears them.

Q6: How do you manage to come such a long way even though there are many difficulties in life? 
Ans: We all have different characters, but we all love music. Music made us determined to continue.

Q7: How do you relax yourselves? 
Ans: CL: Eat dessert
Dara: Shopping
Minzy: Listening to music and surfing the net
Bom:Sleep and watch K-Drama

Q10: What are your plans after this tour? Any special plans for the next half of the year?
Ans: We spent 4 years to prepare this album, so it is very special to us. After this tour, we will prepare for our next album.

Credits: Demon_Bom@weibo
Translated by : 

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