[ARTICLE] 2NE1 Gets Ready To Party It Up In Japan With Concerts, Album Releases, And After Parties

2NE1 Article

2NE1 fans in Japan has a lot to get excited for because Minzy, CL, Dara, and Park Bom are going to hold concerts and release an album.

The girls are currently doing their world tour; which on June 28th, 2NE1 are going to travel to Singapore as they will perform some of their hit singles from their new album, “Crush.” After Singapore, their next stop will be Japan.

So to get the fans excited, 2NE1 are going to release the Japanese version of their current album “Crush” on June 25th. The album is going to have a total of ten tracks which are, “Crush,” “Come Back Home,” “Gotta Be You,” “Do You Love Me,” “Happy,” “Falling In Love,” “I Love You,” “If I Were You,” “Missing You” and the unplugged version of “Come Back Home.”

After the release of their album, 2NE1 is going to rock the stage. The girls will be performing at the Yokohama Arena on July 5th and 6th; which they will then go to the next prefecture of Kobe. On July 12th and 13th, 2NE1 will perform at the World Memorial Hall.

During those days, the girls will interact with the Japanese fans as they will attend the after parties on July 6th in Shibuya and July 13th in Osaka, according to the Korean Herald.

2NE1’s album “Crush,” has been a mega hit because U.S. FUSE media outlet released their list of 2014’s best albums thus far since June 16th.

2NE1’s album made it on the list. The FUSE staff wrote, “The K-pop phenoms did not disappoint with a slew of forward-thinking, wholly-accessible tracks.” They further explained, “Crush proves 2NE1’s knack for genre-melding from the start, opening with the title track that blends Indian tabla drums and switchboard-button buzzing, followed by the reggae/trap-hybrid single ‘Come Back Home.'”

FUSE writer Jeff Benjamin also said his thoughts regarding the album. He said, “Crush broke the record for the biggest first-week sales for a K-pop album in America. The set hit No. 61 on the Billboard 200-also breaking the record for the highest-charting K-pop release.”

The girls just wrapped their concert tour in Jakarta, Indonesia; which was on June 8th. The girls performed some of their hit singles which were “Come Back Home,” “Gotta Be You”, and other hits from their recent album. 2NE1 kicked off the concert with their new single, “Crush.” Including the hits from their current album, the girls also sang some of their previous hit singles such as “I Am The Best” and “I Don’t Care.” 2NE1 sang a total of twenty-one songs on that night.

Credits: kpopstarz

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