[PHOTO/VIDEO] 2NE1 with a Japanese Radio DJ + InterFM Guesting

This was taken when 2NE1 was in Japan, but only posted today since the radio show was aired earlier.



Translations from @kjop21_

Dara: While recording “Crush,” I got so excited that I danced a lot. There’s a video and photo for it… Instagram~

MC: When’s the happiest moment (for 2NE1)?

Dara: When I’m on stage.
MC: What about Bom?
Bom: Now… it’s fun right now.
MC: It’s fun now?
Bom: The DJ is fun.
DJ: Pls remember the DJ’s name. /laughs/
DJ: Minzy-san, when are you the happiest?
Minzy: When we do/have concerts.
DJ: What about CL?
CL: Same for me (concert), and being on stage.. and…
Minzy: Now?
CL:… now.
DJ: Right now, huh~

DJ (reads in Eng): I’m a huge fanboy from Lebanon.
2NE1: Ooooohh~ Wah, from Lebanon.
DJ: Lebanon, huh? 2NE1 really is WOOORLD STAR, neh~

DJ: Which member is most popular with guys? (I think this is the ques)
CL: It depends on what kind of guy
DJ: Have you heard this ques before?

CL: So among which kind of guys are we each popular in?
Dara: Baby…
DJ: Baby?
Bom: Baby?! /CL dies laughing/
Dara: Uhm… I’m popular among younger guys (or people).
DJ: Ah, younger guys.
Dara: Little boys.
Minzy: Guys in middle or high school.
Bom: CL is the most popular with guys.
Dara: Oooh~
CL: That’s wrong.
DJ: She’s sexy…
CL: /aajdajdurghhh/
DJ: What about with Minzy?
Minzy: Which type am I most popular with?
Dara: Wildeu~ wildeu~
Bom: In America…!
DJ: Ah, she’s famous in US?
DJ: She’s most popular with guys in America?
Minzy: Pass!
Bom: Though I’m not sure. /talking talking/
CL: Ah, let’s pass.

DJ (in Eng): Sharina, from Firipin.
2NE1: Oooh~
DJ: From Philippines, huh.That’s amazing. Dara-san?
Dara: Hai, I’m from the Philippines. 
Dara: Kamusta ka
DJ: Did you ask what theyre doing?
Dara: No It means “How are you”
DJ: I thought you asked what they’re doing
Minzy: Me too

DJ: This is for CL about 2NE1′s lyrics, about real love experience.
(then CL says something about it being a good question & about creative)

CL: I’m a Pisces (in Kor)
DJ: Pisces (in Kor)?
CL: Pisces (in Eng)
Dara: Horoscope (in Kor)
CL: Horoscope (in Eng)
DJ: Ah, horoscope (in Jap)
CL: Pisces are dreamers. /
Dara says something about “fantasy” and CL says “mix”/

DJ: Where does 2NE1 get inspiration from?
CL: From KR, right? For me, it’s our producer, 1TYM’s Teddy. I listen to them.
DJ: What about Bom?
Bom: Mine is our president.
DJ: President?
Bom: Seo Taeji and Boys’ “Hayeoga.” It was so popular when I was a kid.
DJ: Is there a reason why you like “Hayeoga?”
Bom: It makes me want to dance.
DJ: What about Minzy?
Minzy: Mine is JINUSEAN /DJ says something about YG Fam being awesome/
DJ: JINUSEAN has a lot of hit songs but which one’s your fave?
Minzy: Mine is “Phone Number”
DJ: I know that~
DJ: Why that song?
Minzy: I listened(?) to it a lot when I was a kid.
DJ: You guys liked(?) YG since you were little, huh?
Dara: I really like Uhm Junghwa-unni.
DJ: Ah, Korea’s Madonna.
Dara: Hai. /Dara tries to speak Jap w/CL & Minzy’s help/
Dara: Uhm Junghwa-unni usually has new style or perf so I really like her. Most of the time, she’s really sexy and charismatic… 
Dara had a hard time saying such a long sentence in Japanese and Minzy/CL helped her, when she finished, Minzy’s like, “You worked hard.”

DJ: It’s time to wrap up.
2NE1: Aweeee
CL: That was short. (Talks about their Japanese schedule like concerts, etc)
DJ: You had AON concert in so many countries, how are the fans different?
CL: Some are bit different but overall, they have passion.

DJ: What preparations do you for your concert?
CL: We prepare to play… NOLJA!

Bom’s message: To all Japanese fans, I wanted to see you all. Until our concert, I will work hard with my Japanese.
DJ: Wah, compared to your last fanmeeting, Bom-chan, you’re much better (in Jap) now.
Bom: Really?

Minzy: Many of our fans have waiting a long time, we also waited a long time. We prepared a lot of things, so please come (to our concert).

Dara: I’m always thankful. Let’s all play together~! /whispers to DJ, what’s “good night” in Jap?/ 
DJ: /whispers back, “oyasumi”/
Dara: *whispers* Oyasumi~ /laughs/
Dara: It’s popular in Korean radio, “good night~”

CL’s message is promoting their album LOL

Source : InterFM
Video Credit: bomboom0330

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