[PHOTOS+TRANS] 140530 – Official Pictures of KBS Cool FM Volume Up “Strong DalD Sheds Tears During Last Day of Recording “Volume Up” Radio”


Working with DalD this week
Seemed to have gone by so fast.
The last guest to come on the last day
Is Eun Jung-ssi 🙂

“(Awkward) Hello.”
“(Awkward) Hahahaha hello.”

The appearance of two women who are awkward with one another.
It was only after the corner ended that they became comfortable with each other.
The staff said to take a selca together as a commemorative picture.. DalD,

“(mumbling) I haven’t prepared to take a selca well today.”

Eun Jung-ssi, suddenly jumped up and cried out,

“You can rely on me! I take pictures very well!!!!”
(Eun Jung was the one holding the camera and not Dara, keke! I think this is what she meant about taking photos well. ^^)

And a masterpiece was born just like that ㅋ

DJ Dara Volume Up - 1

Because of these two cute women,
It is our hope that Saturday night will become a bit fresher ㅎ

On the way to recording for her last broadcast,
While moving together with DalD,

“It’s really unfortunate/regrettable/upsetting..”

DJ Dara Volume Up - 2

When it felt like she would break out in tears,
DalD who says joke stealthily, so she could laugh

“Eeyyy.. I’m crying and it’s only just a week. I shouldn’t be crying since it’s not over yet,”

Declaring that she won’t cry until she’s absolutely alone.
But when she was making the closing comments already,

DJ Dara Volume Up - 3

DJ Dara Volume Up - 4

Angry at herself. That someone saw.
In order not to disturb anyone, she swallowed her tears and got up from the recording booth,
She tried to drink tea or something sweet in order to stop her tears, but in the end. the tears flowed out.

DJ Dara Volume Up - 5

“I didn’t know that I’d get so fond/attached to this..”

After, determinedly set to continue, so she went back to her seat
And continued with a strong and determined mind.

DJ Dara Volume Up - 6

“This is something I like together! It’s a thing that I brought.
Since I couldn’t bring alcoholic beverages, so here’s some chocolate cocktails instead!”

DalD who is a person with a lot of sense ㅋ

DJ Dara Volume Up - 7

“I’m very grateful to everyone for this week!”

It was a lot of sacrifice,
But this is not the end of DalD.. Because this person,
DalD is already a part of our Volume Up family from now on ㅎ

And finally,
In order to greet her Volume Up family sincerely,
DalD poured her thanks and thoughts into a letter, which we will reveal.

DJ Dara Volume Up - 8

DalD, we too are also very grateful for you.

Please come to play any time that you can.
All of us will be waiting for you 🙂

Source: KBS Volume Up
Re-uploaded and translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

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