[NEWS] YG-Life : Special DJ Dara Disclosed Her Photo – “Wearing hand-made hair band”

SNS Update-Twitter-DJ-Dara

[텐아시아 = 최진실 기자] Girl group 2NE1’s DARA has disclosed her photo that was taken on day one as a special radio DJ.

On the 26, the picture of DARA and words “I thought fans gave it to her, but she made it by herself. Please welcome. DARA – our special DJ for a week” was posted on the official Twitter for KBS radio program “YOO IN NA’s Crank Up the Volume”.

In the photo, DARA is making a big smile, wearing the hair band she made by herself. The hair band reads “new DJ SAN”. DARA is boasting her fresh beauty with the bang and bright smile.

DARA is replacing YOO IN NA who went to China for shooting of Chinese movie “Wedding Bible” from May 26 to June 1, to work as a special DJ for the program for the week. On the 27 this month, 2NE1’s BOM appears in the show as a special guest.

Source : YG-Life

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