[ADMIN POST] FWD’s Projects for “All Or Nothing” in Malaysia – Mission Accomplished!

Hello! First of all….. Thank you soooo much for all the support we received to make this project a well-blessed project. I’ll be sharing a fan-account, my very own experience.FWD

On 24th morning, after I took the fragile cake, I headed strictly to X Hotel, hoping that I could pass the gifts directly to 2NE1. As soon as I arrived there (with lots of gifts in my hand for Dara), I was informed that 2NE1 had already arrived at the stadium. So, with a sad and frustrated heart, I went to venue. When I was already there, I contacted one of the IME staffs to help me pass the cake because I was really afraid that cake will melt soon, and they agreed to help.10414 10415

So they put the cake in 2NE1’s waiting room. According to the staff, Korea management was so strict, they couldn’t take photos of 2NE1 with the cake, and only photo of the cake inside 2NE1’s waiting room was allowed. I had no other choice but be satisfied with that. I waited and waited for Dara to tweet that she ate the cake already..but….none…. So I was like, “Urmmm, that’s ok.”

Then, after concert, maybe around 10PM? While I was waiting outside stadium, @littlebig2ne1fan ran to me and said, “Nurul, check twitter! Dara posted your cake!!” I immediately checked and babam!! I was shocked and cried of happiness on the spot! Kkk…I like to cry when I feel so happy! Hahahaha!

FWD - Project - 2

That night, I was able to sleep half soundly because I still got some gifts and cupcakes for Dara! At that time, I regretted so bad that I didn’t pass all my gift to Dara…huhuh…. So, the next day — 25th morning, after checking out from the hotel I’ve stayed in, I waited at the lobby to with the cupcakes and gifts for Dara, with the hope that can pass the gifts.The problem though, that hotel is so big.. it has 2 lobbies!

Around 1.30 pm, I went to check the lobby at level 10 and I saw some security and IME staffs there but I can’t stay there since it was such a small area.Around 2 pm, we went there again, this time, I’ve decided that we really need to ask the IME staff. As we waited at the lift in level 10, three IME staffs wanted to use the lobby, so we used the opportunity to ask them on how to pass the gifts. We went down to level 1’s lobby together with them, they were sooo nice to us^^.

They were willing to help us pass the gifts, so I asked them, “Please give us the proof that either Dara or manager received the gifts.”They told me, “No, we cant promise that since we staffs weren’t allowed in their area, Korea’s management have a very strict rule.”Then I was like, “So how can we trust you guys? We need to make sure that Dara get the cupcakes and gifts, all these are for her, if she doesn’t get them, we will feel very betrayed.”

And the 3 of them decided to tell their big boss about us.About 15 mins later, IME’s boss went to meet us, “I heard that you guys got gifts for Dara” And I said, “Yes, and we want to make sure that Dara gets them.” He said, “Okay, I will allow you to pass the gifts for Dara, we allow u guys to wait at VIP exit, but, you need to promise that you guys will behave, no screaming or shouting when you see Dara.”

We promised. There were 6 of us and a few of the staffs went to VIP exit at level 0, and we waited for Dara there. While waiting for Dara, we talked with IME’s bigboss about the girls. He told me that, at first, Dara wanted to go Sunway Lagoon, but since she didn’t have enough time, she will just go shooping at KLCC. When we asked about Dara, he told us that Dara is so small. She look tall in picture, but actually she’s so small.He also talked about CL, saying the leader’s English is so good, she’s charismatic and has the leader-like image. He told us that Bom wanted to do a lot of things on that day, but she ended up in her bed the whole day.. That’s our Bom! She was supposedly go to KLCC at 5PM, haha!

5 minutes before Dara came to VIP exit, there were issues with the security, asking us who are we. They said that we weren’t allowed to be there but we were so lucky because IME’s side defended us and he stuck with his decision in allowing us to stay. He said to the security team that he already talked to the management about us waiting at the VIP Exit and so it was settled.

IME kept on reminding us that we couldn’t take pictures and we respected their decision since they helped us a lot already. And we didn’t take any photos. I waited for Dara, and in no time, I saw a group of girls in front of me…and then..bam!

I saw an angel right in front of my eyes! Oh..oh oh…oh…oh, she literally glows! So beautiful! And I immediately stood up and approached her directly. I told her,  “Dara, gifts for you..”

The security tried to stop me, but, Dara hold out her hand and took them. I gave FWD hand banner and also a yellow bunny! Kkk… Then I said, “Dara, cupcakes for you!” Then Faa who helped me holding the cupcakes handed it to Dara.FWD - ProjectFWD - Project - 1

Dara instantly blurted “ommo~” because the cupcakes were a bit heavy for her small hand. With that, she directly entered the Black Alphard van and when she was in there she kept on looking at the cupcakes while holding yellow bunny!! ^^ I feel so happy!

After that, IME staff asked us to head back to the lobby and we did. I was able to eat my lunch happily! Oh my… it was one of the sweetest memory as a Daraling! Kkk~ Actually we also prepared Nasi Lemak for the girls, but I’m not sure whether they ate it or not. That’s okay! Next time we need to plan carefully on how to do food support.

We want to thank a lot of people actually, who helped us with this project!

1-IME Staffs (even though  I was so mad when they didn’t allow to bring hand banners inside the stadium.. But they’re forgiven ^^ kkk

2- Especially, I want thank to our FWD team who made this project successful: @kei_is_crazy @sillysera and @tryshiiing!  They really worked hard to make this project one of our successful project.

I would also like to thank @immigizibe for helping me with holding cake when I was driving. She’s from Kajang, and she needed to wake up super early just to be on the venue. Thank you so much Mary for the help! I slso wants to thank @Cheezy_bj… She really helped me a lot! Thank you love!!! Others BJs such as @Joern_CL, @littlebig2ne1fan @2addicted2ne1 @jennahyang and a some more, sorry, I don’t really remember their Twitter Usernames.. Thank for for giving me courage and help me to hang our FWD banner ^^FWD - Project - 3

Thank you also to @krungy21 who always appreciates ANYTHING she gets from fans^^Baby, as we said…we will always be with you!^^

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