[VIDEO+TRANS] 140527 – DJ Dara’s 2nd DJ-ing at KBS Cool FM Yoo In Na’s Volume Up with Park Bom & H-Eugene





Translation by: @sumiinkim

 Bom is actually supposed to come more later at 9PM, but she came earlier for Dara.

 Q; How do u think of Dara for MC? Bom;It’s just the first,but I think Dara is really good, we were busy,I wonder when she practiced.

 Bom’s voice is an angelic voice, as always, our 2NE1 main vocal.

 Bom: Dara is actually a very perfect woman.

 Bom: I have a wish, nowadays, I do roommate, I wish people would watch and like it.

 We’ll have to say goodbye to Park Bom for a while..

 I know some babies around me who still can’t talk, but don’t worry, seems like these babies can talk better later.

 Why did you run away from study time? But if you decided to run away, run away smoothly.

 You’re such a nice child! I Really hope you’re parents would stay healthy, and would always have happy things.

 Q: Dara! Please give us a Ssanpark album! Dara; Haha, I should discuss this with Ms Park Bom later!

 Yes, I really hope you’ll pass you’re exam, and become a good teacher!

 Actually, all passport pictures comes out funny, so don’t worry about it so much.

 Our concert in seoul is over, but I’ll hope you can see YG Family Concert on August!

 I have a younger brother, I hope I get a very good sister-in-law fast.

 Q: DalD! When will your partner come out? Dara; I’m now waiting calmly, I believe the person will come naturally.

 Q: Dara! I’m Thunder’s wife! Dara: OMG! Cheondung-ah are you married?

 Dara was talking about a story where the person’s brother married a woman who they’ve dated for 10 years.

 There are times when a good person becomes a bit weird.

 Bom is reading a script.

 Dara, Bom: 3 of us met for the first time, let’s get closer.

 Dara: Bom, it’s the first time here in a corner right? You’ve always been the guest. Bom: Yes! Dara: But you’re so good at acting!

 Omg! Jo seho! (Roommate member) Just sent a message that he’s a 2NE1 fan, and asked to treat Bom nicely!

 Bom: Seho opaa is a person that should be there in roommate, he’s so funny and he’s like the pillar of the show.

 Q: How is Seho for boyfriend? Bom: ummm.. I should think abt it.. Dara: Am I getting a brother-in-law?

 Dara: at the end of my 20s, I’ve been a but confused, but now, I’m so happy.

 Dara: Let’s talk about the stories our volume up families sent us.

 Dara: I hope you get a better result in the next meeting! Bom: You’re so good Dara!

 Bom is talking about a woman who’s been so sad after a break up.

 Dara: I think you’ll be getting a better person in the future.

 H-Eugene: I don’t want the person to be so sad cause I’m sure she can get a better person.

 We’ll listen to one song! WOW! A good song! Don’t cry~ Bom: Oh yeah~~

 Dara: Such a good song! Bom: Such a good song! Made by Teddy oppa!

 Dara is talking about a person who liked a teacher, but the teacher was dating a music teacher and was going to get married.

 Dara: There’s a lot of teachers dating each other! Bom: Ohhh

 Bom: There were less pretty people? H-Eugene: Yes really, nobody was as pretty as Ms Scott.

 Bom: There was a person, before debut, he was so good to me, but he a girlfriend.

 Bom is talking abt a woman who realized that she became old and shabby, so she went to a shop to buy her clothes.

 Dara, Bom to H-Eugene: Call us, we’ll eat with you.

 You’re not coming to the dorm nowadays! Bom: Cause I’m doing Roommate, so I realized it’s very nice to be with other people.

 I’m happy to be home cause I have a cute cat who welcomes me home.

 It once happened when I reserved flights and hotels but I couldn’t go cause of schedules. Then I cried. But it’s ok, I like working.

 Isn’t the friendship of guys very strong? H-EUGENE: No. Bom: Isn’t it only you?

 Dara: Boys like older women nowadays? H-EUGENE: Yes.. the trend is like that.. Dara: Hmmm~~ really?

 40s are very young nowadays. H-EUGENE: Yes, many people live for about 100 years old.

 Bom is talking about a woman who is not allowed to go and spend the night in the friend’s house cause she’s a girl.

 Bom: My dad also used to call me at 10PM, he used to lock the door and when the door opened oranges used to fly to me.

 Bom: We should listen carefully. Dara: Yes, H-Eugene is telling us good things.

 Bom: Oh? A message? ‘Bom-ah! You’re doing good! Be confident!’ Dara: Do you know the number? Bom: I don’t know.. I don’t even memorize my own number

 Many seniors tell me when I’m sad, that many people wants to be where I am.

 Yes! I’ll buy Chicken for you!

 Bom: I think I’m still in puberty! Dara; Oh my!

 Dara: New Evolution has been 2 years already..

 Unfortunately, it’s finished today..

 Do you have any favorite restaurant? Bom: I have a lot.. but talking of Chicken.. I’m thinking of steamed chicked.

 You guys worked well today~ Thank you~~

 A fan said they she gained strength by watching New Evolution. And Bom said that these stories makes them work harder.

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Translation by: @ilove2ne1girls

Dara: Hot Park Bom has came in the studio! Bom: Hello. Wassup we’re 2NE1! Im 2NE1′s Park Bom 

Listener: Bom please come to Hawaii Bom: I want to go! 

Listener: I want to listen to you live (Bom) Bom: What should I sing? Happy? /sings happy but forgotten the lyrics/ “I forgot the lyrics”

Listener: Please show us an aegyo too. Bom: I dont have an aegyo Dara: You have a lot of aegyo! 

Listener: Bom unnie do you have a wish? Bom: Yes.. should I say it? Im doing a show Roommate and i hope a lot of ppl will watch & like it.

Listener: Please say that my parents wont be stressed anymore. Dara: I’ll pray that your parents wont be stressed anymore 

Listener: Please have a Double Park unit album.. Dara: Lets talk about that after Big Park comes in again 

Listener: Please hope I can save money & go to 2NE1′s con Dara: Our concert in Korea has ended but theres YG famcon so I’ll wait for you there

Dara is reading a story and theres a line “First love” and she said theres a song she remembers and sang Gotta Be You 

Listener: Dara, i’m Cheondung’s wife! Dara: Cheondung ah, you got married?? Anyways, nice to meet you.. 

Dara: This is Yoo In Na’s Volume up and i’m special DJ Dara. The second part will now start! 

H-Eugene: I’m a fan of 2NE1 so i feel good. Dara: Lets do it comfortably and be friends H-eugene: Yes

Jo Seho sent a message: Im 2NE1′s fan Seho Dara: Omo Seho-ssi, please take care of Park Bom on Roommate 

Bom: Seho oppa is really fun.. but as a boyfriend? I’ll think about it in the future lol 

Jo Seho also congratulated Dara on being a radio DJ 

Dara: Lets play a song now. Omo! Its a popular song! Park Bom’s Dont Cry! Bom: Yeah! 

Dara: Because of Roommate, Bom doesnt go back to the dorm anymore. The members are waiting for you 

Dara: I have cats and they’re really cute… when they say “Meow…” lol 

Bom: When i joined Roommate, there are times that I feel frustrated when im at home by myself 

Listener: Please send me midnight snack Dara: I like chicken the most so i’ll send you chicken! Bom: Pizza.. Dara: And pizza 

Bom: When we hear stories from fans (that they went to our concert and cried).. it gives us strength and make us want to work harder 

Translated by: @MyPeas_

 is encouraging her fellow A blood type people to not be shy & introverted. Speak your mind!

 She find it hard to speak her mind directly. For example, when its hot she’ll say “hmm, don’t you guys think its hot?” -then CL immediately tells the manger to put on the AC

 she said to look forward to not 4D personalities but 8D personalities today with her and Bom together keke

 is so touched Bom came even earlier than she needed to so she can support her~

 said their personalities are different so they match well

Bom speaks her mind, while Dara can’t say things directly

haha Bom gets annoyed when Dara takes forever to choose from a menu

 Park Bom sang a little bit of Happy but she forgot the lyrics XD

Bom says Dara is perfect, she has no complaints about her except the choosing thing keke

 Wish corner: Bom’s wish is to more people to watch/support “Roommate”

 A listener said “Unnie marry my brother!” Dara: “Is this a blind date? haha Send me a picture”

 There are times when a good person becomes a bit weird.

 today’s corner is called “Your Reason” with Park Bom & H-Eugene

 A listener requested “IATB” but instead they played “Don’t Cry” LOL Dara promised to play it next time (another day)

Bom. Before she was a trainee, there was a vocal trainer she liked (just a tiny bit) but he had a girl friend

 H-Eugene and Teddy knew each other from before. What a small world

: Is there a time you didn’t want back to the dorm Bom: Well these days I’m recording roommate: D: Yeah thats right! she rarely does

 says she likes going back home these days. She’s raising a cat, so its nice to be welcomed back

Eugene said he used to eat alone so much before, the delivery guy knew him. He even invited him in ones lol. He hates it. 

A listener: You’re doing well Bom unnie! Dara: Oh its a supporting message. Do you know that number? Bom? Bom: What? I don’t even memorize my own number

 A fan sent in a message that he went to their New Evolution concert and he was so happy & got so much energy from it. They were really touched and Bom said she’s motivated to work harder when she hears words like that.

 “No matter how hard it gets, thinking about my family … today and tomorrow Fighting!” I liked this part of her closing comment

Video Source: MediaVolume891

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