[VIDEO+TRANS] 140526 – DJ Dara’s First DJ-ing at KBS Cool FM Yoo In Na’s Volume Up

Don’t forget to catch DJ Dara this week as the Special DJ! ^.^
Yoo In Na’s Volume Up starts @ 8:00PM to 10:00PM KST



Translation by: @MyPeas_

A new corner for  : Dara Dara Bright Dara! *bam bam* ^^~

One of Yoo Inna’s advises is to run away & go on a song break, if she makes a mistake on air LOL  

Yoo Inna gave her examples of different expression like those to use when she has nothing to say, so expect more XDD

Yoo Inna sent Dara a message giving her advice and some of the listeners wrote: “Look who’s giving who advice” LOL XD 

‘s pickup line for a listener who has a crush on a part-time coffee shop worker: “One Americano and one of whatever you like please”

 She’s talking about how she misses her friends from the Philippines and how she met them recently when they had a concert there

 mentions how even when they meet after along time, it feels like no time passed & its just the same.

A listener liking ‘s english pronunciation haha She mentions how she grew up in the Philippines so she’s used to it

 the listener she gave the pickup line sent a message again, saying isn’t that a bit too cheesy/greasy LOOL

Listener: Isn’t that a bit too cheesy/greasy (the line)? : Aigoo its ok to be cheesy sometimes. Go try it and then get back to me

 ‘s advice to when your hairstyle goes wrong or people are surprised with it, just pretend its the “Trend” & be confident haha

Shares a story about a time she went out to buy food with her brother when they were kids. They tried to celebrate;, but ended up dropping it. They just went home crying..awww  

 The guest/co-DJ says he’s more nervous than when he’s with Yoo Inna haha. Dara says lets work hard today & become closer

Aww her Co-DJ seems disappointed he’s not gonna see her next week. They promised to greet each other outside 

And Dara said when meet in Hongdae please give a greeting 

A listener sent in a message saying a lot of people tell him he looks like and asking her to give him the present. He/she sent a pic

 suggestion for a guy who his gf is upset with is to use aegyo . If he made too big of a mistake then kneel down & ask 4 4givness

 They sent a shampoo sent to a listener who wants to get rid of her perm haha

Translation by: @21TASTICBABY

LOL DARA she said she & Minzy wanted to drink milk but then the packet of milk exploded (Burst open?) in her bag lmaoo

Dara saying she doesn’t feel estranged from her PH friends even tho they didn’t meet for 1 year and (sth) mths 

Dara says she always tries alot of hairstyles and other singers who see her at broadcast stns get a shock too LOL

Omg cheondoong hahaha he only had enuff money to buy 1 stick of odeng and before he ate it he said “Good! Let’s eat!” But he dropped it so cried as he went home 

Dara: Although I made mistakes and it was a nervous time, I’m glad to have beem closer to the Volume Up audience! I’ll do better tomorrow!

Translation by: @itsmeDongmin

Dara said that her fans gave her many drinks in her car and she was sad because she can’t get them all. 

Goodlooking guys are Shinee, Cheondung, Nichkhun, Teen Top and EXO as mentioned by Dara. 

Video Credits: MediaVolume891

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