[NEWS] On Running Man, 2NE1 Wins ‘Idols Sports Competition with Kim Jong Kook’s Outstanding Performance

2NE1 won in the ‘Idols Sports Competition’.

On SBS’s TV show, ‘Good Sunday – Running Man’ (“Running Man”), which was broadcasted on 11th, 2NE1 teamed up with Kim Jong-kook and Gary and won the sports competition.

On the show, 2NE1 first came closer to victory by winning ‘MC Yoo Survival’, the second match in the competition. 2NE1 went on to win the following match ‘One on One on One Nametag Ripping’ and earned the trophy for all-round victory.

In earning the trophy, Kim Jong-kook played a big role. In the nametag-ripping mission, he showed up with ‘tiger-like force’ and ripped nametags of several members in an instant, bringing 2NE1 the honor of becoming a champion.

Enjoying the victory, Kim Jong-kook left a witty message to YANG HYUN SUK, CEO of YG Entertainment, 2NE1’s agency. He made all the members laugh saying, “I have to say a word to Mr. Hyun Suk, buy me a meal”.

Meanwhile, Running Man aired on 11th featured ‘2014 Idols Sports Competition’ with guest members including 2NE1, 2PM, Yoon Jong-shin, Muzie and Jo Jung-chi.

Source : YG Life

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