[VIDEO] 131130 Mnet Wide News – MAMA 2013 BTS: 2NE1

0:28 Dara: We will first unveil our new single on MAMA, so please look forward to it

Minzy: We prepared something special. It’s a performance that everyone can look up to so much. End!

Bom: We will go and come back safely~ Fighting!

1:20 Minzy: It seems like we’re doing a very very very high quality rehearsal

CL: End end end end

1:44 MC: Everytime 2NE1 goes to MAMA, you always come out with fur fashion.

CL: Is that so?

1:58 CL: The hairs on the fur are very thin so these are fine.

(theres a voice calling CL’s name from somewhere?)

2:15 Bom: CL! Wooooooooh!

2:25 Bom: Im so excited. As expected our CL is the best. We came to support her like this

Dara: We came to support her

Bom: Even if we shout from a far, she knows our voice so well that’s why she told them that it’s us. I think we need to go now

3:12 Dara: It’s the first stage for 2NE1′s new single that’s why I’m looking forward to it and Im also.. excited for boy groups’ cool performances.

MC: The stage that you’re looking forward to the most among boy groups?

Dara: Bigbang.. I heard a bit that Bigbang will do solo performances this time and they’re practicing now to put their performances altogether that’s why I’m super looking forward to it!

3:43 CL: We’re so happy we were able to attend MAMA.

3:55 Q: Your comment after finishing your MAMA performance?

Dara: Even coming here was a hard time, and it seems like we weren’t able to give a very cool stage. Anyways, it was a sad song.. I was looking at the audience and emotions were coming out so for a while, Its like I wasnt able to sing and I was carried away by my emotions. Missing You is a song that we like. It’s a song that fits well with the winter season so please love it and listen to it a lot!

CL: I’m going to watch the performance now~

Credits : uthinkwhoiam
Translated by : @ilove2ne1girls

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