[ARTICLE] 2NE1 Discuss Teddy’s Recently Revealed Relationship with Han Ye Seul and Their Own Dating Status


It was revealed earlier that YG Entertainment’s chief producer Teddy was dating famous actress Han Ye Seul! 2NE1 talked about this during their interview on November 25 as well as their own relationship status.

The girls were asked if they had known about his relationship and the girls all revealed that they had not.

CL said, “We see Teddy when we work in the studio and he is like a brother to us because we are always fooling around a lot . . . We were really surprised [when we heard the news]. There was almost nothing that had changed from the norm. Even when we were filming the MV, he checked over stuff like our clothes one by one and we thought nothing had changed so we were really surprised when something like that suddenly came to the surface.”

They then congratulated him with applause and “Congratulations.”


They were also asked about their personal dating status. CL said, “There’s nothing. I really want to date.” Facing her members, she asked, “[If you were to get a boyfriend] wouldn’t you want to say it?”

Park Bom said, “The way I see it, I think they are not coming to us because of Yang Hyun Suk. Maybe it is because he is such a big star so they are scared, but no one seems to come to us.”

Dara, who had asked their boss to repeal their dating prohibition, said, “I feel more bitter that there is no boyfriend even though it has been a while since the dating prohibition was repealed.”

CL said, While it had not yet been repealed for me and Minzy, it had been repealed for the others, but nothing happened so I came to think, ‘Ah, even if it does get repealed, nothing happens.’”

Park Bom said, “It was said to have been repealed, but if we really dated someone, I think we would get in trouble by the boss.”

Source : allkpop


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