[TWITTER] Dara’s Three Stages Fatigue Signs

Picture 2013-11-02 23_04_34 When I feel cold, hungry&tired at an overnight filming, these are the three kinds of situations that show up. Stage 1!!! Dizzy dizzy… zoning out (looking a bit like in a Nirvana state) Picture 2013-11-02 23_07_50Stage 2!!! dozing off dozing off… My seat and eyes falling shut without a care  Picture 2013-11-02 23_08_12 Stage 3!!! All of a sudden!!! Well, I don’t care! Let’s just enjoy!!! (At times like this, for the most part a cool work comes up ㅋㅋ Also, 2ne1’s Line message too are mostly recorded and sent during these conditions. Though tiring,I love it!!!) BYD9JC3CAAAX-Qp BYD9XFGCYAAOgFE BYD-SE4CIAArSRjTranslated by : @KwonAui88

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