[ADMIN POST] Pre-Order for Oh!MyGoddess 2014 Sandara Calendar

BWynibaCQAA03w3Click below for details!

*Malaysian Daralings, please take note of the notice at the bottom. ^^


NOTE! We are planning to make few calenders again this year.
Numerous secret photos that were not uploaded are included in the calender!!//The front page of the calender will soon be updated//PRICE : $18

(If you buy more than 4, -$1 for each)
(*** If you buy more than 3, there will be extra delivery charge so please ask through our email)
(***** If you are buying in group, please inform us through our email)

Orders : Oct 14 ~ 19 12:00AM
(Delivery Notice will be uploaded and sent to your email after 19th)

Details : 230 * 165 mm , December 2013 ~ December 2014 , Desk calendar , Total 26 pages
ONLY 2013 DARA photos (+ secret photos 80%)

Gift : (For all purchaser) 3 secret photos that are not included in the calender

OMG PAYPALomgsandara@gmail.com
(Please don’t forget to pay your own charging fee, orelse add $4)

### Payments can only be done through PayPal and Western Union
WU users – please ask through our email and after sending money also send
• When using Paypal and Western Union, please pay your own charge.

EMS =  2~7 days. It is the safest, which make is more expensive
It depends on what country you live in.

[EMS Costs]

Canada & US : $23
Australia : $18
Peru & Chile & Mexico : $26
New Zealand & Russia & France & Germany : $22
Indonesia : $17
China & Hong Kong & Taiwan & Singapore & Vietnam & Malaysia & Philippines & Thailand & Japan : $17

# Note on the EMS Costs 
Ex) Buy 1 $18 + Shipping
Buy 2 $36 + Shipping
Buy 3 $54 + Shipping
Buy 4 $68 + Shipping (*72-4=68)

Send the money according to your calender and also send
application form through our email omgsandara@gmail.com

[Payment Deposit Confirmation Application Form for EMS Users] 

Name of payer :
Date of deposit :
Date you sent money:

Name(Name of sender):
Phone No. :
Address :
E-mail & Twitter :

Send this form through E-mail.

If you have question, please ask through our email!
※ Please remind that oversea delivery, fees for charges and delivery charges are all your expense.

Malaysian Daralings! 

I’m sure you would love to have the calendar as well but maybe some of you don’t have Paypal etc. We, ForeverWithDara would like to help you and do bulk order! We will shoulder the international shipping cost so you don’t have to waste money paying the extremely painful extra cost… So all you have to pay is $18 (RM58) + local shipping (RM10). (And no, we can’t do meetups since I live in Sabah T_T) You can pay me through Bank Islam, BSN or Maybank. Details will be given to you once we’ve collected the orders.

But for now, please leave your details below. Remember, it’s only for those who are interested! ^^

Leave your:-

Email Address:
Twitter Username:

We will take note of the quantity of how much we need to order from OMG so please, serious buyers only ^^ We will be collecting the payment at the end of October.


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