[ARTICLE] 2NE1 on Running Man – “Dara’s Unicorn-Horn Shaped Hair” Draws Much Attention


2NE1 filming a television program, Running Man, has been captured in photographs and this is drawing much attention among the fans.

On July 16, a number of 2NE1’s photographs were uploaded on different online communities and social networking services, titled, “filming Running Man.”

The photographs were taken when the girl group was filming SBS’s Good Sunday – Running Man at Yeouido park. DARA and CL were in orange-sleeved uniform while BOM and MINZY were in pink-sleeved. But DARA’s extremely unique hair attracted most attention, as her blond hair was sticking above her head, tied into a unicorn-horn shape.

Internet users who saw 2NE1’s photographs commented, “Those who saw 2NE1 at the site are so lucky!”, ”2NE1 filming Running Man… DARA immediately catches your attention!” and “I should definitely watch the show.”

Running Man featuring 2NE1 will be aired on TV at the end of July.

Source : YG-Life

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