[NEWS] Reasons Behind 2NE1′s Sleepless Nights for Dance Practice

2NE1, for their first attempt at the genre of reggae, are planning to perform without any other extra dancers on stage. Only the four will be dancing.

They are scheduled to unveil their first performance of the new song ‘FALLING IN LOVE’ on SBS’s Inkigayo on July 7. 2NE1’s plan is to do this without the help of extra dancers.

Their comeback song ‘FALLING IN LOVE’ is the first in one long year, and is new genre for the group – reggae. Many are curious to see this challenge for an unfamiliar genre rarely made by girl groups. Expectations are building up even more intensely, as they are boldly making a comeback without any other dancers.2NE1-FALLING-IN-LOVE-COMEBACK-TEASER-2

Personnel from YG Entertainment told OSEN on July 7, “2NE1’s members are spending sleepless nights for their first performance on Inkigayo. They are devoting themselves in making the choreography perfect. You should be excited because we invited an overseas choreographer for the first time.”

They added, “The absence of dancers on stage forces 2NE1 to work and prepare even harder, because just the four of them will be on stage.”

Every time they made a comeback, 2NE1 attracted much attention from the public with their exclusive performance, and this time many are curious to see how unique their new song ‘FALLING IN LOVE’ would be.

The teaser image that was revealed on July 4 featured them in cool and breezy outfits with a beach in the background. Each member showed off their cute and fresh self with their hairstyles and outfits.

Unlike before, 2NE1 will be making a comeback when the song and music video are released on July 8 at 0 a.m. after their performance on Inkigayo.

Source : YG-Life

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