[NEWS] 2NE1 Sweeps the Charts, Genre Breaking Does It Again


2NE1 has swept through all nine Korean music charts with their new reggae song, succeeding in their genre breaking once again.

2NE1 returned after a year with their new song “Falling in Love,” made public on July 8 at 12 a.m., once again finding mass appeal with reggae.

Falling in Love” took first place in Korea’s top music site Melon the instant it was released, and swept all nine charts in the commuting hours of the morning. 2NE1has managed to expand their musical genres to include reggae.

2NE1 had previously succeeded in breaking down genres with their digital single “I Love You” in July of last year. “I Love You” was the first trot music added to dance music that was attempted by 2NE1. The song had a long run in first place and established 2NE1 as one of the top girl groups in Korea.

Listeners are paying attention to 2NE1‘s musicality following the group’s successive hits in trot music and reggae. The girl group’s second successive genre-breaking is an expression of “confidence” and an unrivaled ”distinction” from an overflow of girl groups.

 2NE1 will have its first comeback performance with “Falling in Love” in M.net’s M!Countdown on July 11. Viewers will be watching to see what kind of performance the group will have with the fresh new look it showed in the music video.

Source : Naver

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