[PHOTOS] 130516 Fantaken of 2NE1 Performing at Ajou and Gyeonggi University Festivals

2NE1 performed in two Universities tonight, Ajou and Gyeonggi. Our girls looking flawless as ever!6763c61bjw1e4qmz0yjulj20m80etq7g 6763c61bjw1e4qmz563vaj20i10de0w6 6763c61bjw1e4qmvzwwy6j20hn0ern08 6763c61bjw1e4qmweg585j20ja0eo0wp 6763c61bjw1e4qmwlxhutj20ir0e6tc9 6763c61bjw1e4qmwvxcexj20ie0es41u 6763c61bjw1e4qmx5bsloj20m80ettcw 6763c61bjw1e4qmxe5uihj20ii0esdis 6763c61bjw1e4qmxiy6p4j20ft0enacm 6763c61bjw1e4qmy9nqi3j20ia0esn0a 6763c61bjw1e4qmycr0prj20m80etgp9 6763c61bjw1e4qmyrj0zqj20m80etwj16860a9bejw1e4qi8h3v79j21kw0vzdzy6860a9bejw1e4qhwr2yr6j21kw16oe1d bky7u4fccaatgcr770873370770873403

Credits : 09240420 + jjang_jake + ATOU_21ing + No_mercy_G_U + 똧똧 + xxsohyun + As Tagged

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