[ADMIN POST] ForeverWithDara’s 1st Project : Twin Towers Alive Concert in Malaysia – A Huge Success!

We’re happy to announce that our very first baby suceeds!! Our Primary Admin managed to pass the gifts to Jjangmae and she even shook hands with baby Minzy!!! Blackjacks waited for about 5 hours for the girls and it was worthy!!



 FWD’s gifts are those in pink and black bags! ^^BGGa9TxCIAAmmPC And to those who helped us mentioning Dara, you know who you are… Thank you, thank you, thank you T__T We couldn’t have done it without you guys. Once again, thank you so much (__.__)

And Dara replied to one lucky fan!!

[tweet https://twitter.com/krungy21/status/315708266103595009]

I swear, I trembled when I read this. And just then Jjangmae came with Minzy, and the admins were able to shake hands with her! Dara didn’t send Minzy, she was probably somewhere else when she decided to join Jjangmae.BGGi5TNCEAIn8jT See the ones Jjangmae carried? It’s from us!! Just then he gave something to the admins there, and it was a note she wrote personally. I can really feel her sincerity writing this  T__T

BGGlEtmCQAAylWE “Blackjack Malaysia~ !!! Thank you so much for your support. Please invite us again. See you again soon~ I love you!!! –  ♥Sincerely, Dara♥” 

And because of that, all the admins decided to give this note to us, FWD. Thank you so much, Dara. We will always be here with you, supporting in what you do. We love you!!


Thank you soo much ^_________^

@hanitahir & @heyitsmaryn

18 thoughts on “[ADMIN POST] ForeverWithDara’s 1st Project : Twin Towers Alive Concert in Malaysia – A Huge Success!


    Oh mang, I just cried. Really. She just woke up, yet still consider of her fans. I freaking love her. this yeoja ;_; She was so beautiful. Inside and out.

    Congrats!!! That cupcake simply looks delicious tho. hehe


    Tepuk amai amai, belalang kupu kupu, tepuk ramai ramai, sayang sera dan nunu.
    Still tho, congrats to you all admins ♥ And those who helped!

  3. oh dara!

    Congratulations Forever With Dara! ❤ Thank you for showing 2NE1, especially Dara, your love and support in Malaysia! So proud of you guys! Dara fans represented awesomely! And how cute and nice and heartwarming is Dara's note, really? T_T Have you got that one framed already? Kekekeke! Again, thank you and congratulations!

    1. foreverwithsandara

      Annyeong OD.,.thank you for visiting our site^_^.Thank you thank you…The support we get from other Daralings and BJs also very heartwarming. Daraling and Blackjacks!Fighting2♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  4. ouleysoleil

    ForeverWithDara FTW!!! I bet that was such a great moment!!! You guys are very awesome for you guys to give her gifts ❤ And she's awesome too for sending someone get them AND a note too <33

    1. foreverwithsandara

      Ouley unnie…thank you..yup..very very very great moment ^_________^ Dara unnie really know how to make her fans going crazy for her^^

  5. saranghaepips

    You guys are Awesome! Omo that Cupcakes is so pretty! And the note that dara gave you Waaaa! She’s really nice T.T Thats why i lovr her so much! Haist unnie marry me! (Eeeh?) keke! Keep on supporting 2ne1 and Out Goddess dara ^_^


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