[SPECIAL POST] ABC for Sandara Park

A – Adorable

Yup! Yup yup! Agree~~ Who is more adorable than uri Dara? None! She’s the most adorable girl! ^^


B – Bare face

Woot woot! Bare face? She’s well known as an Idol with beautiful bare face! her bare face is too die for!^^ Perfecto!tumblr_mai61vceBM1r8d91lo1_500

C – Chaera

Chaera! The infamous husband and wifey in 2NE1..Dara as wifey and Chaerin as Hubby~~^^


D – Dork

She’s the dorkiest girl in the earth ever^^ Hahaha~ her dorkiness sometimes makes us wanna pinch her cheek! tumblr_mb3j9yUQe11r8d91lo1_500

E – Excited! 

Excited Dara is always nice to see! ^^tumblr_mcgycnnbLa1rq5jup

F – (YG) Family/ Family Outing

YG Family~~do i need to say more?^^ the most family-oriented company^^ Thanks to Papa YG for being able to create the environment. Just with 2NE1, Big Bang, Gummy,Se7en,Psy,Tablo, Jinusean and youngest Lee Hi, They one of the most biggest company ^_^


In 2009, 15 November, Dara guested in Family Outing ^^ that her 2nd experience in variety show after Strong Heart. She was so adorable and cute there^^


G – Gorgeous

Gorgeous is Sandara Park, Sandara Park is Gorgeoustumblr_mb5ngkVDnB1r8d91lo1_500

H – Heelstumblr_mb5u0ql78C1r8d91lo1_500

I – Ideal Type ^________^

wowo~~discussion about idol/artist/athlete who confess that their ideal type is sandara park will be never end ^_^. Who doesnt fall in love with uri goddess? with her innocent, cute, yet gorgeous girl, everyone will fall for her ^_^. Since the day 2ne1 debut untill now, Dara fanboys list keep on increasing day by day!^_^ the power of Dara’s charm

1- Kevin U-kiss- Forever famous idol fanboy ^_^ if not mistaken,untill last year, Dara still be Kevin’s ideal type!

2- Minhwa from Ft Island also confessed that his ideal type is Dara and he didnt even hesitate to send video message to uri Dara!^_^

3- World swimmer ‘Park Tae Hwan’  forever ideal type is no other than uri Dara^_^. Have u watch Dara as a guest for Win Win with Park Tae Hwan? check it out. PTH is soo cute!^_^

4- The latest one is from actor Park Ki Woong

5- Singer Park Hyo Shin

J –  Jawline


K – Kiss7897066046_727d007f32_o

L – Lovable

You’re loveable from head to toe ^_^ its like one of the Kim Jong Kook’ song^_^ suit well with uri Dara


M – Muse

Besides that, Uri Dara as a Muse in fanboy lyrics!^^ can u believe it? yeah..u gotta believe it!^^

1- Double Trouble ‘Hold On’

“To my raps, you really contribute, Sandara Park”

2- Indie Artist ‘FattDoo’  ‘Ill be your Oasis”

There lived a beautiful princess, Sandara Park


N – Natural21bom_5949545603636231501

O – {Adidas} Originaltumblr_m4cmp2y2SO1rse3pxo1_400

P – Park Sisterstumblr_lgicym84KO1qcycna21dara_1253759535_76627_me2photo

Q – Queen {Me2day}tumblr_mb8de8lcZY1rvhbjl

R – Rabbit

In one of the new year wish for Blackjacks, Dara introduced herself as ‘SSantoki’ ^_^


In Win Win 2010 along with GHS , Dara also confessed that her nickname is ‘Ssantoki’ ^_^

S – Sleeping Beauty20101109_dara dara-me2day-100228

T – Tamtam & Tunder

Thunder, Thunder, Thunder, ^_^ The most beautiful sibling ever^_^ Park siblings! Dara is really fond of her brother! Its not exaggerated if we say, Thunder’s cafe president is our very own dearest Dara^_^

The most famous scene to end 2012 is Dara fangirling over thunder during SBS Gayo Daejun! How cute is she?

Dara’s first child ,’Tamtam

2e4j0a9 21dara_1321501214_71103 watermelon2

U – United 2NE1


V- Variety Shows


W- Wink


X – X-Etude Girl

Dara was an Etude girl starting from 2011 until 2012. During that period, we got to see various character of Dara, cute, bubbly, sweet, gorgeous, beautiful, goddess. Thank to Etude for Dara love! Thanks a lot^_^dara etude

Y- Youthful

Anyone wants to argue Dara’s youth? No one right? ^_^

Celebrity Sighting At Gimpo Airportsandara_me2day_5

Z – Zoomed 

Zoom zoom and zoom^_^ cameras love Dara soo much!^_^OW43Yr59

Special Shoutout to Fresh Vocal ^______^ thank you FV!

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