[VIDEO] Vibe TV – 2NE1 Talks About Why They Love Their Fans, Crossing Over, and More

Vibe TV – 2NE1 Talks About Why They Love Their Fans, Crossing Over, and More


PSY isn’t the only K-Pop star going global.

Hailing from South Korea, girl group 2NE1 is also crossing over to the mainstream. Already considered pop sensations in Asia, members CLMinzy, Dara, and Bomrecently stopped by VIBE’s headquarters in New York City for an exclusive interview. Acting as the official spokeswoman for the group, CL opened up about their new projects, fans, fashion and more.

We’re 2NE1, and we’re from Korea,” CL tells VIBE. “We’re this girl band with great music. All our fans have great energy and that’s where we get our energy to perform. They know how to have fun with our music.

Currently, on tour, the girls of 2NE1 already have received praise from both music and fashion icons, such as Swizz Beatz and designer Jeremy Scott.

On their fashion: A lot of Cavalli, vintage Versace. We love mixing stuff up. It’s like the outfit for “I Love You,” our latest single. We like mixing stuff up even in fashion, music, everything. We like mixing the past and the future. Jeremy Scott is a good friend and we love his stuff. We’ve known him for like three years now, since we started, and he knows us so well so he actually designed all the costumes for our tour this time and we love it.

On working with Swizz Beatz: Actually, Swizz is a good friend of our producer Teddy, and he will stop by our studio and have some music for us and everything. I mean, it’s all about collaborating. Music has no boundaries.

On their style of music and A$AP Rocky: love A$AP Rocky. I love his music, and I love his style.

On making music in English: I would love to do that. At least a single in English so more people could connect to our lyrics. People already do enjoy our music even if it’s in Korean but I would love to do an album in English or at least a single.


Source: VIBE TV

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