[ME2DAY] “Hairpin Dara” for Everyone!

해외팬분들에게 한국의미를 보여주고자 하여 만들게된 싼진이 스똬일~비녀다라!!!+.+아쉽게도 이번 메인컨셉인 반삭다라를 하느라 알라뷰활동 하는동안 고작 두번밖에 보여주지못했어요ㅠ아쉬웡..비녀다라 짱귀!!!ㅠ 사진도 한장 못남겼어요ㅠ요즘 셀카실력이 줄어서..오마이갓!!!ㅋ

Tags :  비녀다라 맘에두뤄! 아쉬우면 앞으로 가끔 비슷한 스타일로 울궈먹을까? ㅎㅎㅎ

In order to show the meaning of Korea to our overseas fanbase, I was given this style~ Hairpin Dara!!!! +.+ Regrettfully, the main concept was my bansak hairstyle so I was only able to have this hair for one or two times ~~ Such a shame…Haripin Dara is jjang and cute!!!! TT I didn’t even have a single photo of it TT Lately my selca skills have been slacking….Oh my ghad!!!! ke

Tages: I really like Hairpin Dara! It’s really a shame so maybe in the future I may do something really similar to this style, should I? he he he

Credits :

Source : Dara’s me2day

Translations : ygdragonheart @DGH

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