[NEWS] Fashionista 2NE1, Pulls Off Unique Styles Perfectly in Photo Shoot

Fashionista 2NE1, Pulls Off Unique Styles Perfectly in Photo Shoot

Girl group 2NE1 perfectly pulled off unique styles, showing off their fashionista sides.

2NE1 recently attended a photo shoot held in Cannes of France with a fashion magazine, making a perfect photo shoot with each of the members’ unique colors.

The photo shoot, located in Mandelieu-la-Napoule that provides the whole view of Cannes, was the perfect place for 2NE1 members’ styling.

2NE1 also had attended the Cannes Advertisement Festival as the K-Pop representative for ‘Korean Wave through Digital Wave,’ giving a speech in place of the whole Korean media.

Members revealed that giving a speech at the festival was more nervewrecking than singing on stage. During the interview with the fashion magazine, CL said, “During performances, we could just turn into different people, but at places like the festival, we had to show ourselves just the way we are.”

Also, when asked why they aren’t shown much in entertainment shows, they replied “We have no problem with going on shows but I think the staff will have a hard time trying to make much out of us. We’re really boring people outside the stage.”

Source : kpopstarz

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