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[PHOTOS] 2NE1’s Signatures At Busan International Motor Show 2012

Source: Naver Reuploaded by: ForeverWithSandara

[ARTICLE] Dara, Bom, CL & More Girl Group Members From Abroad Thrive in K-Pop

Dara, Bom, CL & More Girl Group Members From Abroad Thrive in K-PopAs K-Pop goes global at furious speed, who are the girl group members that are thriving in this fast changing industry? The recently unveiled T-ara member Dani grew up in America since she was four years old. She’s tall and beautiful and it’s […]

[NEWS] YG Entertainment Falls Short On First Half Revenue But Is Expected To Recover This Second Half

YG Entertainment has fallen short from the expectations with their first half of the year result of their agency’s earnings. YG Entertainment has revealed their first half of the year report on the 30th of May and they have made 17.9 billion won in total sales and operating profit of 3 billion won with net […]

[PHOTOS] 2NE1 x Make Thumb Noise pictures!

Omo look at my girls.. They are really cool in these pictures! Can’t wait for Be Mine to be released ^_^ More after the cut!

[PHOTOS] 2NE1 arriving at Gimpo ariport!

Credits to: @miranda0_0 + @tobom21

[GAMBAR] Dara dalam PHOTOBOOK YG Family Concert 2011 DVD Package

(credit kepada @pab0sarang)


Click to see more of the photobook!

[GAMBAR] 2NE1 untuk NIKON D3200

(credit kepada ohohkaka@baidu)

[INFO/CAPS] YGFAMILY mengunguli carta AstroCharts di Philippines

(terima kasih @2NE1soompi)

[GAMBAR] Tandatangan 2NE1 bersama poster in restoran

(thanks mal_mal13 via ohohkaka@baidu)

[CAPs] Dara & 2NE1 di 2NE1 Application

[PHOTOS]2NE1 in Gimpo Airport heading To Jeju Island for Nikon Photoshoot

more after the cut ^_^


According to KBlackjacks, Dara and the other girls went to Jeju Island this morning to shoot for Nikon..^___^ Now, who among you here thinks they’ll be wearing summer outfits for this particular photoshoot? aren’t you excited? I am..^___^ Click for more!

[PHOTO] 2NE1 for Intel at LG BEST SHOP

credits: source: intel website via  @littlestone_ and @WeLoveDara

[OMG FANCAM] 120529 Dara at Gimpo Airport

OMG, look at Dara’s hair! She looked so stunning!! Kyaa my heart~!! Credit: @OMG_SANDAR + @OHMYGODDESS


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